Ragtag Daily Prompt: Clean

Maxwell was particularly disturbed by his newest assignment.  First of all, there were children present in the household- three of them to be exact.  Like many cats, Maxwell harbored a deep-seated fear of the smaller brand of human more than any other creature on God’s green Earth.  Secondly, the house was a pig stye.  It was a single-parent family, the parents having divorced shortly after the third child, a girl, was born.  Maxwell hated working in an environment that wasn’t squeaky clean.  Most distressing of all was the fact that the house where he’d be living was in the suburbs.

Anything but the suburbs! Maxwell said to himself.

Max 3

Butterfly and Bonus Bumblebee, March 17, 2020

Butterfly 5 - CopyI love it when these little fellows cast their shadows on a sunny day!

Butterfly 7 - Copy

It’s becoming almost obligatory for me to post a bumblebee along with a butterfly each and every day.  This little lady has all the pollen she can handle! I just love bumblebees with their tiny wings protruding from a big thorax and their chubby abdomen with no stinger. They don’t particularly like it, but you can actually pet a bumblebee while it’s eating. Just run your finger very gently down its back while it’s busy gathering pollen. It’s just that easy!

Bumblebee 5