Ragtag Daily Prompt: Kettle

The entire court was abuzz with excitement. Her Royal Highness Princess Pirouette was organizing an impromptu outdoor concert to celebrate the arrival of Spring. While the Royal Orchestra was rehearsing in the North Garden, Pirouette was in the South Garden, making sure that the chairs were arranged properly, and that there were plenty of refreshments, champagne and finger sandwiches. Even the arrangement of flowers required her attention. Knowing that Tata Sous-sus and a few others would require hot tea, Pirouette designated one table where a kettle of hot water, porcelain cups and saucers would be. Nothing must get in the way of making this concert a personal triumph for Her Highness!

Although Princess Pirouette was extremely excited about the forthcoming concert, she maintained an outward demeanor of complete calm. Standing in the shade of a large oak tree, she perused the draft of the guest list, quill in hand in order to strike a name her and add a name there. Her hand trembled over a particular name, Tata Sous-sus. If she weren’t invited, it would invite speculation about the constancy of their relationship. If she invited Tata, there was the danger that she would do something, perhaps anything, to detract attention from the orchestra and concentrate attention on herself. That was Tata Sous-sus’ way.

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