Ragtag Daily Prompt: Storm

The wind kicked up at a terrible pace, causing the banners to flutter furiously, nearly knocking the banner men off of their feet. The horses kicked up and whinnied angrily. GarGar, le Comte des Deux Chats was usually in a jolly mood, but at this time, his frustration was getting the better of him. It was bad enough that Princess Pirouette had absented herself from the duck hunt, but she didn’t even send word that she wouldn’t be coming. The gathering storm clouds seemed to match his inner turmoil, dark and foreboding.

“The hunt is over!” GarGar shouted, straining to be heard over the cacophony of voices, rushing wind and whinnying horses. “There are refreshments in the hall. My grooms will take your horses to the stables.” With a jaunty wave of his hat, he rode into the direction of his palace. Doing his best to shake off his disappointment, GarGar was already devising the next opportunity to meet the object of his affection, the young and beautiful Princess Pirouette.

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