Ragtag Daily Prompt: Fright

Despite the baleful gaze that Lady Greenmeadow shot at Tata Sous-sus, Tata leaned into Princess Priouette’s ear and whispered loudly, “Monsieur le Comte was most distressed that you didn’t attend his duck hunt. Most distressed!” Lady Greenmeadow slammed her teacup and saucer loudly onto the table and said, “Oh, really!” Normally Pirouette would have simply ignored Tata Sous-sus but Lady Greenmeadow’s display left her with no choice, “Why should Monsieur le Comte’s disappointment on any matter concern me?” She took a quiet sip of tea and sighed. Of all the men at court, Pirouette found le Come the least attractive. He was a bit too short. He laughed too loudly. He was too ambitious.

Despite herself, Princess Pirouette found herself in the mix at the next royal boar hunt. Even the old King was participating, as boar hunting was once one of his favorite of pursuits. Wrapped from head to toe in heavy furs, even though it was a warm Spring day, he looked older than ever, his pink, wrinkle face peering out the tiny hole afforded in his coverings. The trumpets blared! The hounds barked and ran! The riders were off in an instant. Pirouette was at the head of the pack, her long dagger bouncing against her leg. In a matter of seconds, it seemed, the dogs had cornered a large, angry boar who threw his head side to side, trying to slash at his pursuers.

In an instant, le Comte had dismounted and charged the boar with his lance. To everyone’s horror, he tripped on a tree root and the tip of his lance merely grazed the hindquarter of the enrage boar. Flat on his belly, GarGar was helpless against the raging beast. What a fright! Suddenly, who should dismount in the blink of the eye, but Princess Pirouette brandishing her long dagger. With a piercing cry, she charged the boar and plunged her dagger deep into its chest, piercing its heart, killing it instantly. “It never felt a thing,” boasted the old King for his little Princess.

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