Ragtag Daily Prompt: Jagged

As Princess Pirouette spent weeks organizing the outdoor concert, nothing could go wrong. The day arrived and nearly the entire court was assembled on the South Lawn of the palace. Baron von Maxwell was the conductor and the program was an eclectic mix of contemporary and ancient music. As the orchestra opened with Nos Esprits Libres et Contents. The audience was fairly buzzing with excitement.

Because of her much inferior rank, Tata Sous-sus sat in a chair far in the back. Although she was unwell and should have stayed home, she insisted on attending. Shortly after the program commenced, she began to cough and wheeze, blowing her nose loudly in her handkerchief. By the time the first song was over, the entire audience was enraged by her behavior, but what was to be done? Baron von Maxwell had tried to conduct the orchestra with restrained equanimity; however, he finally lost his composure, walked into the back of the chairs where Tata Sous-sus sat and plunged his conductor’s wand into her chest as if it were a dagger. While he cause her no bodily harm, her dress was left with a jagged tear in the bodice. She jumped from her seat and fled the scene in tears. After that, she became known as Auntie Finale.

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