Ragtag Daily Prompt: Impression

Oh, glorious day! The old King had risen from his sickbed and was as sprightly and spirited as a boy in his youth. He kissed Princess Pirouette on the cheek and hand like any gallant, ordered a mass of thanksgiving, and then ate a hearty breakfast. He called for his master of the horse and ordered him to make ready his favorite steed. The entire court was amazed at his recovery. Those who assumed His Majesty was on his last leg were clearly operating under a false impression.

While the old King was out riding, Princess Pirouette went back to the chapel to say a few extra prayers for the health and well-being of His Majesty. She was so absorbed in her devotions that she didn’t notice the young man who had slipped inside behind her and ensconced himself in a pew in the back of the chapel. He watched her intently as she knelt at the altar rail in silent contemplation.

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