Ragtag Daily Prompt: Ace

Princess Pirouette peered over the top of her cards and giggled. This made young Abigail Hofenhof giggle too. “Your Highness is always giving away your hand!” She said mirthfully.

“Oh! You’re one to talk!” Rejoined the Princess. “You act like you have an ace up your sleeve every hand!”

“Well, maybe I do! You never know.”

7 thoughts on “Ragtag Daily Prompt: Ace

      1. Agreed. If they start to hiss and get what I call bottlebrush tails, I’ll intervene. When I was a kid, we had three dogs of various sizes. They would roughhouse all the time. Once, something went awry and they went at it for real. My father was drinking a bottle of beer. He shook it up and sprayed them with it. That stopped the fight.

      2. You know the signs well. A pillow between cats at that point diverts attention and fight over.

        Any liquid is great for stopping dogs isn’t it.

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