Ragtag Daily Prompt: Stealthy

Monsieur le Premier Ministre sat brooding over the mountain of paperwork that lay before him on his desk. Ever since the old King’s last illness, which had shaken him to the core, he felt little motivation in doing any work. Normally a taciturn man, he found himself looking for any excuse to chatter away at any living soul within spitting distance. As a result, the work just piled up. Nobody was going to do the work for him. That’s for sure. He thought to himself.

With a stealthy flick of the wrist, he peered at a document in the middle of the pile. It was another dispute over property lines sent to him by a judge from one of the lower courts of law. When will this tedium ever end? He quickly removed his hand and let the pile resume its original shape.

“Excuse me, my lord, you have a visitor,” said one of his secretaries from the doorway. “It’s Monsieur le Comte GarGar.”

8 thoughts on “Ragtag Daily Prompt: Stealthy

      1. Yes, indeed. I would never in a million years have my cats declawed. As a teen, I worked for a couple different veterinarians. It’s a barbaric procedure in my opinion.

      2. I applaud that. Declawing should be 100% illegal accept for medical reasons. It as you know removes the first knuckle and leaves cats in pain for life. Its disgusting!

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