Ragtag Daily Prompt: Gumption

Pirouette sat at her vanity looking at her face in the mirror. She like to look at herself before her ladies applied the makeup that was de rigueur at court. She wore no wig either, and her long black tresses fell down about her shoulders. She liked what she saw- a young woman in the prime of life. Her cheeks were rosy and her lips, a healthy red. Time and sorrow had yet to dull the sparkle in her emerald eyes. GarGar is so lucky to have me, she thought to herself.

Tata Sous-sus hurried into Pirouette’s room. She was frantic. “Monsieur le comte is on his way here and you aren’t even dressed!”

“Calm down, Tata,” said Pirouette languorously. “Let him see me as I am. If he has the gumption to come to me at this hour, unannounced, then he deserves a little treat. Hand me that bracelet- that one! The one he gave to me at the Blue Moon Ball.”

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