Ragtag Daily Prompt: Tidepool

Pirouette and GarGar walked arm in arm along the side of the reflecting pool. With the rebellion in the south and famine in the north, it seemed to the young couple that the fates themselves were conspiring to prevent them from having any time alone. “Do you realize, my dear,” offered GarGar, “That’s been over two weeks since we last saw each other?” “Yes, my dearest one, I do,” answered Pirouette who put the tip of her umbrella just below the water’s surface. GarGar took her hands within his own and gazed deeply into her eyes. “I worry, my love. I worry so…” He paused, choked with emotion. Pirouette made a “shushing” sound and with one white gloved hand, she smoothed the creases in his brow. “Try not to worry so, my dear! All will be as it should. You must have faith.”

“Yes, my love, but is so hard to become clear minded. I’m like the little tidepool here where my umbrella stands. He doesn’t hate the rainfall. He doesn’t mind the wind. He’s just a little eddy in the pool. You need to learn to go with the flow.”

“Yes, my love. I feel better already,” he lied.