Lens-Artists Challenge #156: Black and White

Here are may humble contributions to Lens-Artists Challenge #156: Black and White. Taken as a whole, or each individually, I am trying to say something about the absence of color.

Ragtag Daily Prompt: Solar

Princess Pirouette and her ladies could be found in the Solar where they were practicing the newest dance steps for the upcoming ball. All wore white stockings and pink satin dancing shoes. Their only other garment was a white chemise. The guards who stood outside the room were required to wear scarves over their eyes, lest one of the women’s modesty should be compromised.

The instructor, Monsieur René le Grand took no prisoners. Short-tempered, he often let loose a volley of insults at his charges that made their cheeks burn. No one was spared this treatment- not even Pirouette. In fact, she rather enjoyed being treated as an equal during these brief moments. Monsieur René, as the young ladies called him always wore the same strange clothes- white stocking and pink satin shoes just like the women and a long white shirt that fell down to his knees. He synched leather belt around his waist from which hung a small dagger.

M. René clapped his hands, “All right, girls! Form a good straight line and count off. Even numbers will be the boys and the odd numbers will be the girls. Go on! Quickly!”