Ragtag Daily Prompt: Coalesce

She’s eluded the authorities during the first round of arrests, but when the crows gave the alarm, she knew that she was lost. She barely had time to throw her grimoire into the flames before they began to bang on her door. Knowing that all was lost, she tried to cut her wrists; however, her resolve faltered and the constable was able to seize her before she could do herself any harm.

Her hands were tied behind her back before they trundled her off to prison. Curious crowds began to coalesce along the road to the capital. Some only shook their fists at her, but others with more energy chose to pelt her with dirt and stones. “Burn the witch!” They shouted. “Hanging is too good for her!” She kept her composure during the entire ordeal, even though the cart in which they placed her pitched to and fro as it bumped down the weed-choked road.

CFFC: Pink – July 21, 2021

Yellow and pink are one of my favorite color combinations.
This pink monkey made his first appearance on May 1 of this year. I couldn’t resist posting him again!
I just had to sneak an insect into this challenge.