Travel Words: Life in Colour : Blue – 10 July 2021

On the right (above) is a close up of the tiles on the left.

I hope I didn’t go overboard with this challenge, but I have a lot of images with blues. I took a couple of these expressly for Travel Words Life in Colours Challenge. That blue jay was not very cooperative about posing for the photo. I’ve actually had a blue jay dive bomb my heard when I got too close to one of their nests.

Ragtag Daily Prompt: Yesterday’s Cars

“After you’ve finished the draft of the marriage contract, please send it to me posthaste.” Princess Pirouette motioned for the prime minister to rise. “How long do you expect it to take?” She asked pointblank. Grimacing in pain as he pushed down on the arms of his chair, he said, “Not long, Your Highness- five to ten days, I should imagine. It will be a fairly standard affair, except for one clause.”

“What clause is that, my lord?”

“The one where we delineate his role in your government…”

Pirouette chose not to respond to his statement. Instead she changed the subject, “Have you heard any of that insane chatter about this supposedly horseless carriage? What is that all about?”

The prime minister tried his best to suppress the urge to roll his eyes. “It’s really nothing to concern Your Highness. Such an advance in our understanding is decades or perhaps, centuries away.”

“Oh, my!” Said Pirouette. “What would one call such a device?” She asked the prime minister.

“Who knows?” Shrugged Monsieur le premier ministre. “Yesterday I head one person refer to it as a car.”

Pirouette wrinkled her nose, as if she smelled something over-ripe. “Sounds funny. Almost foreign.”

“Indeed, Your Royal Highness,” said the prime minister with a deep bow before exiting.