Ragtag Daily Prompt: Exsiccate

“Oh, happy day!” Shouted the old King when he heard of GarGar’s safe return to the capital. His Majesty ordered bonfires to be lit throughout the kingdom. When le comte des Deux Chats entered the city gates, the people thronged to see him. Some threw flowers in front of his horse. Others waved handkerchiefs and bright pieces of cloth from their windows. Canons fired the salute. Church bells rang, carrying the sound of joy in the air.

For his on part, GarGar was pleased to smile and wave at the people. It was a hot, sunny day, so he was obliged to exsiccate himself with his own handkerchief. Afterwards he tossed the bit of white cloth into the crowd and it was immediately torn to pieces by those who were eager to have a momento of that glorious day.