Ragtag Daily Prompt: Break

Princess Pirouette stood at GarGar’s bedside, looking down on him. What she saw was enough to break her heart. There lay her fiancé who was but a pale, shrunken shadow of his former self. Where was the virile youth of yesterday? Although it had been but a few days since le comte took ill, to Pirouette it seemed like an eternity. “Surely he’ll recover!” She thought aloud.

When the priest arrived, GarGar at first reacted violently, coughing and kicking off his bed covers. As soon at the prelate blessed him and placed a consecrated wafer in his mouth, GarGar seemed to calm, resting his head on his pillow and breathing evenly. Pirouette dutifully knelt during the ceremony and afterwards, thanked the father profusely. “God bless you, my child,” he said to her, making the sign of the cross.

“Please save all your blessing for Monsieur le comte,” replied Pirouette through watery eyes.