Hungry Hornet

Today was a great day for photographing insects. There’s a field of cockscomb maintained by a nursery down the road from me. Being extra careful not to trample any plants, I was able to photograph dozens of butterflies, moths, bees and other insects. Sadly, the monarchs have yet to make an appearance. When they do, I’ll be out there to capture them on film! Happily, the field of cockscomb was teaming with life, so I’ll be busy downloading and cropping photos for the next few hours (or days?) Here’s a hungry hornet. Keep your eyes on this space for more beautiful insects!

I’m calling this guy a hornet, but I honestly don’t know exactly what kind of bee this really is.
One can still clearly discern that this fella’s wings have undergone a lot of wear and tear.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Summer Scenes

Bumblebee 2One of the greatest things about summer for me is the insects, of course.  I love them.  They are an example of evolution that went in a direction completely at odds with other animals.  They don’t have skeletons.  They have armor.  They have compound eyes.  They sport six legs, as opposed to the standard four limbs found among reptiles and mammals alike.  I could go on and on ad infinitum, but I don’t want to belabor the point.  Insect are just plain cool.  This post is for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Summer Scenes.

Butterfly 7Any discussion of insects would be remiss without a look at a beautiful butterfly.  Here’s a bit of trivia.  Butterflies used to be called “flutter-bys.”  Somewhere along the line, it got twisted around.  I’d like to call them flutterbys.  Yes, indeed.  Another interesting tidbit.  It is my understanding that the Aztecs considered butterflies the souls of their people on their way to heaven.  What a lovely and poetic notion.Insect 1These insects are abundant here in Maryland.  At first I thought it was a firefly (aka lightening bug) but upon inspection, their abdomens don’t look like they can glow in the dark.  If anybody can identify this little critter for me, I’d be very gratefulHornet 2Is there a difference between wasps and hornets?  Or they just different names for the same creature?  Russell Watts TowersI’ve never been one for big vacations.  I much prefer the occasional day trip.  Here’s a selfie from nearly twenty years ago.  Los Angeles was my home then.  One day a friend of mine asked me if I had ever seen the Watts Towers.  “Seen them?  I’ve never even heard of them!” was my response.  Fascinating constructs, they are.  A lovely summer day it was.


IdahoBlueBird50’s AOTD Challenge: September 24, 2019

HornetThis little hornet is my contribution for today’s animal of the day challenge.

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Weekly Challenge, Sunday Stills: Essence of Zen

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