Jez’s WWE Challenge: November 11, 2019

There’s a good reason why I love the Water Water Everywhere challenge.

Here in Annapolis, there’s one thing that we’ve got in spades and that’s water. Situated on the western shore of the Chesapeake Bay, there are creek beds and rivers aplenty. It’s a fisherman’s paradise and a boater’s dream. Like any good Annapolitan, I must chastise real estate developers and farmers because runoff fertilizer and silt are destroying our ecosystem. Livelihoods have been lost. The watershed is damaged. It’s a mess.

There is hope. The Chesapeake Foundation Save the Bay fights vigilantly for healthy rivers, clean streams, and a saved Chesapeake Bay. Please go to their website. See what they’re doing. If you think you can support them, please do so. It’s all one planet and it’s the only one we’ve got.

#Jez Braithwaite #Water Water Everywhere #WWE

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