“Manly deeds, womanly words”

Maryland crest.jpgFatti maschii, parole femine. Maryland state motto.

Maryland, my Maryland –State song (to the melody of Oh, Christmas tree!)

Oh, Maryland, my Maryland, the despot’s heel is at thy shore.
Oh, Maryland, my Maryland, his torch is at thy temple door.
Avenge the patriotic gore that flecked the streets of Baltimore,
Oh, Maryland, my Maryland, and be the battle queen of yore!

Ragtag Daily Prompts: Duende, November 4, 2019

Max 1Maxwell paused at the front door of the Snapjaw residence. Taking a moment to take stock of the new body he now inhabited, he was well pleased. As there was a cold wind blowing, he was especially happy with his thick fur coat. The sharp claws and teeth were an added bonus.

I think I’m going to like being a familiar, he thought to himself. Then he heard his master’s voice.

“Familiar? No, Max! You are going to be more than that to this woman. You will be her duende.”

I’m sorry, Master, but my Spanish is a bit weak. Could you please elaborate?

“Look it up!” The Dark One thundered.*


*Dictionary.com writes: “In lists compiled by linguists and translators, it seems “duende” is a word that many experts regard as the hardest word in Spanish to convey in other languages.