Ragtag Daily Prompts: Egregious, November 3, 2019

Daisies dizzyThe first time Monica Snapjaw ever tasted Silopan tea, she gagged. The bitter fluid burned her esophagus as it made its way to her stomach. A single drop went down the wrong pipe, and she began to cough until she nearly vomited. The last cogent thought that went through Monica’s mind before the effects of the tea kicked in was, “What have I done to myself?”

It was Maxwell who showed her where to go in the forest to find the innocuous looking flower whose petals were needed to brew the concoction. Despite the egregious flavor, she managed to drink it all in one quaff. In short order, just as Maxwell had promised, Monica found herself hovering above her own rooftop, the wind making havoc with her long, dark hair.

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Fun with Hue

FOTD 7bFOTD 8bI would never submit these images to Cee’s Flower of the Day challenge (aka FOTD.) I do enjoy toying with the “hue” of many of the flowers that I photograph using Photoshop Elements. Blossoms that have a colored center and white petals are especially alluring. Sometimes I’ll go in and do wacky things to individual petals using the “magic wand,” and other tools. In a lot of ways, it’s like creating your own personal alternate reality. I hope that you enjoy my vision.Sexy Susan.jpgThis was at first just a run of the mill daisy. Now each petal competes with the next for attention and they all compete with the center! (Please excuse all the technical jargon.)

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge Number 70: Monochrome

Max back door 2 bwMaxwell MaxingtonGarGar bwGarGar, le comte des deux chatsGarGar & Pirouette 2_edited-1Princess Pirouette uses GarGar as a pillow. [Photoshop Elements- Filters – Adjustments- Photo Filter- Cooling filter 80]

Bridge opened bw.jpgBridge over Spa Creek opens at Compromise Street, Annapolis, Maryland (October 30, 2019

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