Ragtag Daily Prompt: Imperceptible, November 16, 2019

To those unfamiliar with them, the difference in appearance between GarGar and Pirouette is fairly imperceptible.

Here are a couple of hints to help you differentiate between the two. Pirouette’s face is more symmetrical than GarGar. GarGar has a large black patch over his left eye, giving him a rather jaunty air. Also, Pirouette’s facial bone structure is more narrow than GarGar’s. GarGar’s face is flat and broad than Pirouette’s. Finally, GarGar weighs at least twenty percent more than Pirouette. When they are standing side by side, when you view them from directly above, then you can see that GarGar is substantially larger than the petite Pirouette.

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Cee’s FOTD Challenge: November 16, 2019

Sorry! No macro today… I’ve said this before. Sometimes I get so caught up with creating the perfect macro that I forget about the big picture.

#Cee’s Flower of the Day Challenge #FOTD

Franklin Canyon Lake

This is my contribution for Flashback Friday. This is Franklin Canyon Park in Los Angeles, California where my wife Robin worked for many years. After she died, this is where we scattered her ashes. I love you, Robin. I will always love you.

Beautiful Photographs

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