Tuesday Photo Challenge Week 187: Fantasy, November 19, 2019

Pchtikwitle, the squirrel and his friend Tchk-tchk were on their way to enjoy some breakfast, but they couldn’t agree on the place.

“Let’s go to Glenn. They’ve always got those yummy unsalted, roasted peanuts. On top of that, there’s sure to be some bird seed for dessert,” posited Tchk-Tchk.

“I’m sick of that place!” Cried Pchtikwitle. “Before I’ve taken two bites, those damn blue jays always show up to steal all the peanuts. It’s infuriating.”

“Okay,” sighed his friend. “What do you suggest?”

“How about Taylor?” They’ve been leaving those yummy crusts from peanut butter and jelly sandwiches under the tree.”

“You’re joking, right? If you’re tired of the blue jays, how can you suggest a notorious haunt for the crows? Those damn crows are capable of anything!”

“Alright, fine,” huffed Ptchikwitle. “But the minute I see a blue jay, I’m splitting.”

“Fine. Fine. Fine.”

Note: I’m probably going to submit a second post that pursues the concept of fantasy from pure imagery. I love the example that was presented to us with the surreal vision of taking the dogs for a walk. At first I thought that they might be unicorns! –Russell

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Ragtag Daily Prompt, Sound: November 19, 2019

To the roll of drums and the blaring of trumpets, the procession wound its way through the streets of the capital, from the palace courtyard to the steps of the great cathedral. After the musicians, came the mounted honor guards with their bright red jackets and silver helmets with long, white plumes. Next came the happy couple in an open carriage, while the rest of the nobility, on foot, brought up the rear.

The onlookers cheered until their throats were raw. Hooves clattered on the cobblestones. Bells from every corner of the city rang triumphantly. Such was the sound that villagers in the countryside could hear from miles away. It was a time for celebration. It was the wedding day of le comte des deux chats and their beloved sovereign Princess. It had been a generation, maybe more, since the people as a whole were united in such joy.

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