Jez’s WWE number 3: November 26, 2019

WWE 1bThomas Point, Annapolis, Maryland, November 23, 2019

WWE 3Spa Creek at Compromise Street bridge, Annapolis Maryland, November 21, 2019

As always, a big thank you to Jez Braithwaite for taking over the Water Water Everywhere challenge. I’ll be posting a couple of pictures a day this week and linking back to his most recent WWE post.

Photo Challenge 291

Photograph by Winsome Woods

It didn’t take an expert to tell me that something was seriously wrong. There was something wrong with me. Was it my brain? Worse yet, was it my soul? The whole thing began in the wee hours of the morning one week ago. I heard a voice, a woman’s voice. It said, “Turn me on.”

Since it was dark, I turned on the lamp beside my bed in order to get a better look at the intruder in my room. The voice spoke again. It said, “Thank you.” And that’s when I knew that I was in big trouble. For the voice I heard emanated from the very table light that I’d just touched.

Okay, that about the best I can do with the photograph provided for this photo challenge. Now I’m going to post a photograph in keeping with the theme of lights or lamps. Any feedback is always appreciated! –Russell

IMG_9103Saint John’s College, Annapolis, Maryland, November 21, 2019