Betty Louise’s BOTD: July 26, 2020

Betty Louise’s Bird of the Day challenge – I don’t normally participate in this challenge, but yesterday morning, this seagull agreed to pose for me. It was shortly after sunrise. I’d gone down to the city marina to photograph the sun coming up and I ran into this friendly gull.

Ragtag Daily Prompt: Design

When King GarGar was born, it was anybody’s guess what direction his life would take. His father was a small land-holding knight who answered the king’s levy for war and push a plough during peacetime. As fate would have it, his father was the sole heir to the title of comte des deux chats. Sadly, GarGar’s father was killed in battle when he was only sixteen years of age, so in short order, he became le comte des deux chats in his father’s stead. This sad event presaged his entrance into the world of high politics where by crafty design he would one day wear the crown.