Ragtag Daily Prompt: Stout

As a youth, King GarGar cut quite a figure- tall and thin, dressed to the nines. The ladies practically fell at his feet. Because he was a gentleman, and one with a mission, his conquests were few and far between. That explains his fumbling attempts at lovemaking when he first decided to woo Princesse Pirouette l’Ancienne. While many women at Court weren’t too proud to approach GarGar with propositions for intimacy, la Princess demurred. It would take him more than a year and more than one tear to win the heart of the great beauty that was Pirouette.

While his victories in the field of love were few, in the field of war, they were many. This fact was more of an aphrodisiac for the future Queen who sought a consort, rather than a lover. Eventually they were wed, and lived in marital bliss. Over time, King GarGar became less active and began to add a few inches to his waistline, but to call him stout would be cruelly accurate.