Ragtag Daily Prompt: Feathers

During the reigns of King GarGar and Queen Pirouette many great balls were thrown. Both sovereigns loved to dance. For hours on end they would spin around on the dance floor in each other’s arms. On one memorable occasion, King GarGar and his knights dressed up like wild men. Naked, with the exception of feathers that were glued to their skin with pitch, they cavorted about the ballroom, gesticulating crudely at the women and shoving the men out of their way on the dance floor.

Suddenly, one of the men danced just a bit too close to one of the torch bearers. A spark from the torch landed on him and he burst into flames. In short order, several other dancers were on fire. Nobody died, but the injuries were ghastly. King GarGar was untouched, but the horror of the evening never left him. After that night, he never reveled in costume again. The ball itself became known as le Bal des Ardents.