Ragtag Daily Prompt: Quiet

It was Saturday afternoon in the Royal Nursery. The children had taken lunch and then their nap. Now they were ready for play. The oldest denizen of the Nursery was la Princesse Pirouette la plus jeune, the pre-adolescent second daughter of King GarGar and Queen Pirouette. To the other children, she was practically an adult, but to the adults, she was a mere child. The youngest children were the twins, le petit Prince GarGar and la petite Princesse LaLa. Sandwiched between these children (age wise) were several cousins, and the lucky children of the highest born nobles in the kingdom.

The Chief Nanny with her army of assistants came into the Nursery with a dozen towel thrown over her arm and a wooden spoon in her free hand. She used the spoon to prod the errant child who didn’t snap to her command immediately. “Quiet, children!” She shouted, her rosy cheeks puffing up as she inhaled deeply for another shout. “Quiet!”