Ragtag Daily Prompt: Space

Once Queen Pirouette had gotten outside the city walls, she spurred her horse to a gallop. Almost as soon as her mount had reached full speed, she slowed it down to a trot. She’d arrived to the place of interest- a plot of land not far from the city proper where she would build a shrine to her patron saint, Our Lady of Nepeta.

The area where the chapel would be was already marked off with ropes and stakes. When Pirouette looked at the space, she didn’t see an empty field, she saw a lovely edifice with a spire and stained-glass windows. She saw a hospice where weary pilgrims could find respite. That and other essential maintenance buildings of a less glamorous sort were part of her vision.

The shrine would be her legacy.

Ragtag Daily Prompt: Bobble

“My darling!” Exclaimed King GarGar as he knelt before his wife, Queen Pirouette, who couldn’t suppress a giggle at her husband’s display of chivalry. “What favor has my lady for me?” The King laughed.

“You would do better to ply me with favors, my lord!” Laughed the Queen in return.

“Will this do?” From behind himself, as a manservant had deftly passed it onto him, the King now presented the Queen with a diamond bracelet. “Will this bobble do, my love?”