Self-Portrait: In Honor of the People of Portland, Oregon

When I heard that the Trump administration was sending what amounted to a private army to harass peaceful demonstrators in Portland, Oregon, I was aghast. As details emerged about their treatment at the hands of these thugs, most right-thinking Americans were horrified. Tactics employed by these agents of Donald Trump were mindful of a repressive, Third World dictatorship. This mistreatment included being blindfolded with hoods, shackled and thrown into waiting vans, all without identification on the part of these agents, without reading of rights, without charges ever being filed. It’s intimidation. Ham-fisted jack boots unleashed by Trump to crush the neck of a peaceful opposition. It’s a sickening abuse of power.

Monday Window Challenge: August 31, 2020

Trump’s America

I call this window Trump’s America. As the death toll mounts, he and his lackeys scurry to spread disinformation, lies, fear and hate to pursue their agenda. Beyond this double horror of pandemic and madness, there is hope. Black Lives Matter and other grassroots movements illustrate a groundswell of anger and disgust with the extremes of negative narcissism and entitlement that is Donald Trump. In this sense, black changes from the color of mourning to the color of resistance and hope for the future.

Ludwig’s Monday Window Challenge

Some Recent Butterflies

My most recent captures can hardly because triumphs but they are part of the record. The dearth of butterflies this summer has been a source of great consternation for me. Hopefully they will make a late in the season comeback. Hope springs eternal.

Ragtag Daily Prompt: Fantabulous

King GarGar and Queen Pirouette gathered the children together for a family announcement. There was Gargella, the eldest and a girl, followed closely in age by sister Pirouette la plus jeune. Next came the twins, little GarGar and LaLa. The four children hadn’t been in the same room together since the last family announcement. That was when King GarGar went off to war, so it was understandable that the children looked upon the gathering with some misgivings.

Queen Pirouette spoke first. “Children, we’ve asked you here in order to deliver some important news.”

“What is it, mama?” Asked Gargella, the self-appointed head of the children’s brigade.

“We’re having another baby!” Blurted out King GarGar who could barely suppress his exuberant joy.

The children burst out in unison with cries of delight. “This is fantabulous!” Pronounced Gargella.