Ragtag Daily Prompt: Legacy

GarGar 8_19_3

The trumpets blew a fanfare as Queen Pirouette dismounted from her carriage. The eyes of all the people from the assembled notables to the lowest lowly were upon her- a vision in pink satins and silks. When she smiled and waved, an audible sigh went through the crowd. Guards from the palace had to strain to keep the commoners at bay. The Queen raised her hands in blessings to her people as she approached the grandstand.

On the grandstand the dignitaries with their sashes and shiny boots stood beside a table. On the table sat a silver bucket filled with dirt with a tiny silver shovel in it. The shovel had a pretty pink ribbon tied around it to match Her Majesty’s gown. When she reached the table, she removed a glove and picked up the shovel. Giving the dirt a little turn in the bucket, she said, “I hereby turn the soil on this site which will be the new Royal Hospital for the poor and indigent.” While the dignitaries clapped politely, the crowd roared its approval.

“This hospital will be Your Majesty’s legacy to your people,” gushed the mayor of Catapolis. Taken aback by the mayor’s effusive breech of etiquette, Queen Pirouette chose to smile at the chubby little man and say nothing.

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