Ragtag Daily Prompts: Tenebrous

Princess DiaDogaShortly after turning two years of age, Princess Diadoga became the number one target for the international canine paparazzi. There was one dog photographer in particular who gave the Princess the creeps. He had a tenebrous way of lurking in the shadows with a collar camera strapped around his neck. All he had to do was flick his tail a certain way, and a burst of clicks would fill the air around him. Di found him creepy with his German shepherd/doberman mixed heritage and visor of black fur that surrounded his yellowy eyes. To some of her pack, she was just considered paranoid, to others she was justifiably so.

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Butterfly, October 8, 2019

Butterfly 8This was hands-down my favorite butterfly of the past summer. I called him my superstar, and for good reason. With a wingspan of about four inches and a body the size of my pinkie finger (or larger) he spent a good week posing for me. In this photograph, one can see in detail his proboscis, or coiled tube, with which he feeds.

Granny Shot It BOTD: October 7, 2019

Osprey 13 awesomeOsprey 12 awesome

I’m fairly certain that I haven’t posted these shots of my favorite bird in the whole world. If they look too familiar, then I apologize. I just love my precious Ollie so!

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Ragtag Daily Prompts: Impossible

Max shy.jpg

“That’s impossible, Monica!” Said Karl to his wife, the Mrs. Snapjaw. He put the highball to his lips and swallowed its contents in a vain attempt to clear his head. He could feel the scotch burning its way to his belly.

“But it’s true, Karl! It’s true! I’m not saying his lips move, or anything like that, but he gets into my head somehow and I hear him. I hear his voice. I’d recognize it anywhere.” She gazed sideways at Max and then whispered, “It’s kind of effeminate.”

“That cat? That cat right there?” Karl pointed at Max. “He speaks to you? And just what exactly does he say?”

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Butterfly, October 6 (Psychedelic Sunday)

Butterfly Psychedelic 1

Freidvont sucked up an entire proboscis-full of moon weed nectar. This was the third blossom she had exhausted. She immediately felt the effects on her nervous system. The color of the mood weed blossoms began to shift on the spectrum and they took on a strange, yet vibrant hue.

“Freidvont!” She heard the wood fairy call her name. Then with greater urgency, “Freidvont! A sugar wasp is coming!”