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Stream of Consciousness Saturday: Dream, November 16, 2019

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In a dream, I am underwater, trying to swim to the surface. It is cold. I am naked and so afraid of drowning. My lungs are bursting. I decide I can’t take it anymore and I inhale the water. Nothing happens. I can breath. I am a fish. I am free. The surface is no longer a destination. It is a barrier.

Voices calling from far away… my father, my grandmother, my wife and my sister, and many others beckon me to come. I dive. I must follow. I cannot stay.

[This photograph is of Weems Creek, one of my favorite spots in Annapolis. It was taken just yesterday at dawn. The water was smooth and reflective like glass. I decided to rotate this image 180 degrees so that the sky is at the bottom and the water is at the top. I like the effect. What do you think? The above lines were totally unrehearsed. They poured out of me in a few seconds, in keeping with the spirit of this challenge which I am growing to love with all my heart. Thank you, Linda Hill!]


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