FOWC with Fandango: Tribal

Pirouette 2GarGar 1 blurryThe King looked down at the two little bundles that shared a single crib.  Twins had been born to the royal family- a boy and a girl.  Needless to say, they were viewed as prodigies for their very status as compliments to one another.  Additionally, many had considered the birth of any more children to the King and Queen to be an impossibility.  God had other plans.  Somewhere deep in the mists of forgotten time, from a shared time of a tribal past, wasn’t there a prophecy involving twins who start an empire?  Was it right that the hopes of an entire nation should rest on such tiny shoulders?

GarGar felt an intense level of joy that in the past had only been the result of similar births.  Maybe the earlier children weren’t miracles, per se, but to both the King and Queen each child was greeted with that mixture of hope and worry that accompanies the birth of any child anywhere in the world.

“God bless you,” said the proud father to his babies. “And God bless your mother.”

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