Ragtag Daily Prompt: Explosive

Babies 1Babies 2As both of their Majesties possessed mercurial natures, their relationship could be described as stormy and at times even explosive.  After presenting her husband with a baby boy and a baby girl (twins) Queen Pirouette felt the need to go on a pilgrimage of thanksgiving.  That Divine Intervention was working in her life, the Queen took for granted.  How else to explain the birth of the twins when everybody, herself included, thought her too old to bear anymore children?  That they should be born precisely one year after losing her only son. These were clear and potent signals to Pirouette that God wanted Her Majesty to heal from her sorrow.

The Queen told King GarGar of her plans.  He flew into a rage.  How could she possibly consider going away before the babies had even been christened?  Was she mad?

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