Ragtag Daily Prompt: Graceful

“Who would gainsay that our queen is the most beautiful woman in the world?” Asked the poet. He stood in the tent where King GarGar entertained his favorite generals and other officers of his army. His Majesty always insisted on bringing in his train musicians, singers, acrobats and even jugglers- all for the purpose of entertaining the men. GarGar observed that his soldiers were much like children. If they were denied a little play, then they would act out in ways that were dangerous to the campaign- burning and pillaging when they should be mending fences and feeding the hungry.

“Who can deny that our queen is full of grace?” Said the poet to his audience.

“Anybody who denies that my wife is graceful can expect to be first in line in the morning assault on the enemy’s castle!” Shouted the King light-heartedly.


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