Ragtag Daily Prompt: Remote

At the time of her marriage to King GarGar, Queen Pirouette had been less than enthusiastic about the match, but with time, she grew to love her husband who gave every appearance of being completely devoted to his wife. Within the first five years of marriage, she gave birth to two beautiful daughters and a son, and the love for their children drew them closer together as a couple. One can imagine Pirouette’s shock when she learned that GarGar had taken a mistress. And not just any mistress, but Pirouette’s Lady-in-Waiting, and best friend La comtesse des poignards du dos.

Another of her Ladies-in-Waiting couldn’t wait to tell the Queen about it, delivering each word, whispered in her ear, like a poison-tipped dagger. They say that they even chased the Archbishop himself from the Sacristy of the Great Cathedral in order to be alone, the lady hissed in Pirouette’s ear. Even as she spoke, silent tears ran down the Queen’s cheeks. The Queen was not one to wallow in self-pity for long. Nor was she one to confront her husband with hysterical recriminations. She knew enough of human nature to realize that such a course of action would simply drive her wayward husband deeper into her friend’s arms.

“With friends like you,” Pirouette said to the comtesse, “who needs enemies?”

As fate would have it, the comtesse was a very young, and very rich widow. The Queen had no trouble finding her a new husband who lived in a castle that was nestled in a remote, forested region in the south of the country- a week’s ride from Catapolis.

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