Ragtag Daily Prompt: Party

Pirouette 8_14_5With trembling hands, Lady Chipsworthy opened the envelope. It contained an invitation to Queen Pirouette’s birthday party and was written in her own hand. What an honor! All her life, her ladyship had been waiting for an invitation to the palace. At last it had come. With only a month to prepare for the grand event, Lady Chipsworthy’s mind was spinning. What to wear? One wanted to look their best, but at the same time, one didn’t want to look as if one were trying to outshine the hostess. So many decisions between now and then. What shoes to wear? What wig? Who to ask to act as chaperone? The entire evening would be fraught with opportunities to break etiquette.Pirouette 8_14_6

Pirouette 8_14_8


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