Dragonfly, August 26, 2020 – Master of Camouflage

This was a very difficult shot between the glare against the viewer and the dragonfly’s masterful camouflage, I had to send up big prayers with each shot.
Just a little closer…it’s still a challenge to distinguish leaf from dragonfly.
This dragonfly’s ability to blend in with the grass is stunning.
That’s it for today’s dragonfly! Thank you Lord for sending them my way!

3 thoughts on “Dragonfly, August 26, 2020 – Master of Camouflage

    1. I agree. Their behavior is very interesting too. They definitely are sizing me up while I’m photographing them. They will tilt their heads this way and that in robotic, yet strangely anthropomorphic ways. I’ve come to love them every bit as much as butterflies. Ha!

      1. I love taking insect pictures, my camera lenses suck compared to yours though.

        Dragonflies are the most intriguing beings. Especially when you learn they only have one day to fly having spent three years waiting for the privilege. I think that’s incredible.

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