Ragtag Daily Prompt: Connection

Lady Chartworth had been in the employ of Queen Pirouette for several years. Under the guise of lady in waiting to Queen Pirouette’s younger sister, the Duchess of Ennuyeuse, Lady C worked tirelessly as a spy both at Court and at Courts abroad. Today she was receiving instructions directly from the Queen herself.

“As you know, tonight my husband is hosting a ball for the wounded noncommissioned officers in a few days,” said Queen Pirouette to Lady Chartworth.

“Yes, Your Majesty.” Gazing demurely at the floor, Lady C murmured, “I hope this isn’t another honey pot.”

“Nothing so vulgar, my dear,” Queen Pirouette waved her fan in the air as if she were swatting a fly. “No, all I require you to do is to make a connection with your handler in the Imperial Court.”

“My goodness! Right there in full sight of everybody! That’s playing it fast and loose.”

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