Ragtag Daily Prompt: Fantabulous

King GarGar and Queen Pirouette gathered the children together for a family announcement. There was Gargella, the eldest and a girl, followed closely in age by sister Pirouette la plus jeune. Next came the twins, little GarGar and LaLa. The four children hadn’t been in the same room together since the last family announcement. That was when King GarGar went off to war, so it was understandable that the children looked upon the gathering with some misgivings.

Queen Pirouette spoke first. “Children, we’ve asked you here in order to deliver some important news.”

“What is it, mama?” Asked Gargella, the self-appointed head of the children’s brigade.

“We’re having another baby!” Blurted out King GarGar who could barely suppress his exuberant joy.

The children burst out in unison with cries of delight. “This is fantabulous!” Pronounced Gargella.

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