Ragtag Daily Prompts: Forgetful, October 20, 2019

Street random 1The older he gets, the more forgetful he gets. As he scrolled through the contacts on his cellphone, poor Joey Joe-Joe realized that he’d neglected to input his new boss’ information. Now he was stranded in southern Virginia without any way to call in at work. Another job down the drain! He thought miserably.

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IdahoBlueBird50 AOTD Challenge: October 19, 2019

SquirrelSquirrel Super!The majesty and glory of the squirrel is unparalleled in the animal kingdom. All hail the mighty squirrel!

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Ragtag Daily Prompts: Festivities


Fountain 7The festivities in honor of Neptune began with a sacrifice of a bull on the seashore. This was always done at sunrise. The priests in their white robes would wade into the water in order to wash the blood from their garments. Wine was then poured into the sea, as the priests murmured a prayer whose meaning were long forgotten.

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