Lens-Artists Photo Challenge Number 70: Monochrome

Max back door 2 bwMaxwell MaxingtonGarGar bwGarGar, le comte des deux chatsGarGar & Pirouette 2_edited-1Princess Pirouette uses GarGar as a pillow. [Photoshop Elements- Filters – Adjustments- Photo Filter- Cooling filter 80]

Bridge opened bw.jpgBridge over Spa Creek opens at Compromise Street, Annapolis, Maryland (October 30, 2019

#Lens-Artists #Weekly photo challenge #Monochrome

14 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge Number 70: Monochrome

  1. The textures of the cats’ fur really come through here, as well as the patterns in the fur. Very nice! You have 3 cats? I didn’t realize that. I’m intrigued by the name of Compromise Street. Interesting! Thanks for joining us, Russell!

    1. We have four cats. Nigel, who is all black, is very shy. He knows that the camera is liable to flash, and he absolutely hates that. Whenever he sees me deploy the camera, he heads for the hills! I do have some photos of him though. I posted an entire collage of Nigel several months ago under the title, “Family Portraits.”

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