Ragtag Daily Prompt: Rouse

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GarGar and Pirouette were two fun-loving kids from the Coast, travelling cross country in a beat up old Volkswagen van. Fresh out of college and not yet ready to surrender their lives to corporate, wage-slave tyranny, they decided on this road trip one night after splitting a six-pack of beer. This was only their second day on the road and they’d already crossed the Arizona border into New Mexico.

Peering at an old Rand-MacNally road map, Pirouette announced, “Let’s go to Taos!”

GarGar immediately agreed that this was a grand idea, so they took a left at Albuquerque and were on their way. Because it was getting late in the day, they decided to stop at the first gas station they saw and refuel, and then to get a room at the first motel on their route. They could have elected to sleep in the van, but that opened a whole can of worms regarding the proper place to park. Campsites were few and far between, and they charged money too. Park rangers could be downright unfriendly and even though it was late summer, nights could still get pretty darn cold.

So when they saw the sign for the Happy Robert Motor Lodge, they immediately pulled in. The next day, had a devil of time getting GarGar out of bed. She just couldn’t seem to rouse him. No more beer for you! She thought to herself. Even if he only had one or two, it seemed to act as a powerful sedative to her companion.

“Get up!” She shouted. “Time to go!”

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