Ragtag Daily Prompt: Nothing

Babies 2More than once during the siege of the enemy castle, King GarGar’s men warned him not to get too close to the action.  Still, everyday saw him inspecting the sappers’ work, barking orders at all and sundry, ever in control of his surroundings.  Thus, it came as no surprise to anyone when a shard of stone penetrated his left eye, leaving him blind forever in that orb.  Pointing to the offending eye, King GarGar said in matter-of-fact way, “I can see nothing from this eye.”

FOWC with Fandango: Tangent

Babies 1
GarGar and Pirouette- January 15, 2020

With their arms around each other’s waists, King GarGar and Queen Pirouette surveyed the giant map that was etched and painted into the floor of the War Room.  The great river that fed their capital, Catapolis, was painted blue.  Known simply as the “Great River,” it coursed through the center of the kingdom, then curved broadly and emptied into the sea in the east.  Pointer in hand, the new general in command of the army scurried back and forth on the illustrated floor.

Pointing at that very curve, the general traced a tangent that moved North.  “This is the route the enemy will try to take as they move southward toward Catapolis.”

“Why haven’t you intercepted him?” Ask the Queen tersely.