Isn’t that Great?

“We are only workers in a worker’s state!  Isn’t that great?”  He said to me.  In one hand, was a newspaper that he waved madly in the air.  In the other hand, he had a beer to quench his thirst.  This was the happiest day in Andrei’s short life.  No more czar!  No more war!  Peace, bread and land!

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Ragtag Daily Prompt: Daffy

Max & Gar
GarGar and Pirouette. January 10, 2020.

GarGar touched the wound on his forehead.  It responded by giving him not a little pain.  In fact, the sensation went from his forehead all the way down to his heels.  “Ouch!” He shouted as loudly as he was able, which was’t much.  “Do be careful,” he whined.  The King sounded like a petulant schoolboy.

“Do be still!” Retorted Queen Pirouette.  “How am I to nurse you when you keep squirming?”

“I want more dragon tea,” King GarGar said in turn.  “I want so many cups that it makes me downright daffy!”