Jez’s WWE Challenge: January 9, 2020

WWE 2There it is in the distance- the Eighth Wonder of the World- The Chesapeake Bay Bridge. WWE 3I took a lot of photos of the water on January 5, 2020. As I’ve mentioned before, the water was very choppy, and this created interesting effects. These are my humble submissions to Jez Breatihwaite’s Water Water Everywhere challenge.

As an aside – I put the wrong link for an attempted pingback with yesterday’s WWE. I’ve just corrected the error. This may make it look like I posted two WWE’s in one day. Banish the thought!

Ragtag Daily Prompt: Gregarious

GarGar 2While Queen Pirouette was off opening parliament, King GarGar waited at home in bed, nursing a new and fairly drastic battle injury. It seems that after he captured the enemies banner, one of his foot soldiers swung the thing in GarGar’s direction, lobbing off his left ear in the process.  The King, whose success as a monarch was due to his sparkling personality.  Gregarious as the day is long, GarGar always seemed to have a spare moment to listen to the problems of even the lowliest of his subjects. When he looked into your eyes, he made you feel as thought you were the most important person in the land.

Mid-Week Monochrome (MWM) #19

Carrots 1 bwShredded carrots (black and white) from the salad bar, January 4, 2020.

Green asperagus macroAsparagus (green) from the grocer’s produce section. White onions 1 cropWhite onion. Same day, same venue. I’m submitting these for Bren’s Mid-Week Monochrome (MWM) challenge. I’ve made sure to follow Brens and Ashley’s blog.  They also host a weekly photo challenge. Do check them out!

Cee’s FOTD Challenge: January 9, 2020

Bouquet 1I’ve been having fun posting photographs of bouquets, and then picking one flower from it and making it into a macro. This is my contribution to Cee’sFlower of the Day challenge. Have you checked out her new challenge? It’s really cool. Here’s a link that will tell you more. Thanks, Cee for being so awesome!Red 2fotd-banner