Which Way Photo Challenge: January 3, 2020

whichwaychallengeWWE 5 foggy mornWWE 5 foggy morn bNaval Academy Bridge, Annapolis, Maryland. A foggy morning on December 30, 2019. Which Way Photo Challenge. BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE…

Signage 1

For more information about MD Route 435, click here. (Wikipedia)

Jez’s WWE Challenge: January 3, 2019

WWE 8 aWWE 8 bWWE 8 b invertThis photo of College Creek was taken on the morning of December 30, 2019. It was very foggy. The first image is before cropping. The last image was me having a little fun with some special effects in Photoshop. In this case, I chose to invert the second image. Please accept this as my submission for Jez Braithwaite’s Water Water Everywhere challenge number 8.

FOWC with Fandango: Best

Pirouette 1 aQueen Pirouette looked closely at the document in her hands. It was the new charter that her husband, King GarGar had granted to the capital city, Catapolis. She couldn’t believe her eyes. His Majesty was giving the merchants the bestof everything. It gave them the right to summon a parliament comprised of their caste that would regulate taxation. It gave them the right to form gilds.  They could even raise funds and organize their own militia. That last point was beyond the pale, as far as she was concerned.

We pay for the war and they profit from it! The Queen thought to herself.

Ragtag Daily Prompt: Breathe

Dog 1.jpgDrusilla was at a complete loss for words. Warrant in hand, the Sheriff of Catapolis had just informed her that she did not possess the necessary paperwork needed to live in the city. Dangling a set of wrist irons in front of her, he said ominously, “Next time I see you, I’ll be giving you this fine set of bracelets for you to wear for your presentation at Court.”

Just breatheDrusilla told herself. Being the King’s sister should provide her with a certain amount of protection, but being a natural daughter of the King’s late father was not the carte blanche that she’d hoped it would be. As if he were reading her mind, the Sheriff quipped , “Just because your the King’s bastard sister, don’t expect to get anything like special treatment.”

Mural a Day 1

There’s a neighborhood in Annapolis called Parole. There you will find a section that, in zoning terms, is probably light industrial. In an attempt at beautification, the city sponsored a bunch of murals in this part of town. Some of them are quite brilliant, others are facile or prosaic or just plain ugly. Over the next week or so, I’ll be posting a photo a day of these murals. Enjoy!

Mural 61This one was my favorite, so it comes first. Photographed today around 2 pm.Mural 6

Not Ready to Let Go!

Ho! Ho! Ho!

I took all of these photographs last night. People have already started taking down their Christmas decorations, so I was lucky to capture these. Not to worry! I have more. I’ll be posting them throughout the week. Happy New Year everybody!

Christmas lights 1Christmas lights 7Christmas lights 9Remember Renn and Stempy? The figure on the left in this photo is from that cartoon. For the life of me, I can’t remember who was Renn and who was Stempy. Was the chihuahua Renn? I think that’s right. Any experts out there who know for sure? (For those of us who are too lazy even to google it.)