Fandango’s Flash Fiction #51, January 27, 2020

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The Moment of Truth

Monica peered closely at the strip of negatives in her hands.  At last! She thought.  That fat bastard is going to get what he deserves!  Normally, Monica was calm, cool and collected.  People would look at her and think, Man, she really has it all together.  Her self-confidence showed in her erect posture and  the engaging way she had of looking at you, as if you were the center of the Universe.  Now, however, she was sweating profusely and grinding her teeth.  Her makeup need a touch up.  A lock of her limp hair was plastered on her forehead. Little Miss All-Together was clearly out of sorts.

None of that mattered now.  It had been a long wait, but soon Monica would have her revenge.

Ragtag Daily Prompt: Blunder

“How could this be?” Shouted Queen Pirouette at the Lord High Admiral of the navy.  In her hand, Pirouette held a report that had been scrawled in haste on a torn piece of parchment.  The report had told her that most of her navy was at the bottom of the sea.  It was signed by some poor captain of the line who at this point was probably also at the bottom of the sea.

“It appears that when we deployed the crescent formation, one of the captains of the line blundered at the helm and rammed one of our own vessels.”

Monday Window Challenge: January 27, 2020

All of these windows are from Saint Anne’s Episcopal Church, Annapolis, Maryland. They were photographed on December 15, 2019. Please accept them as my contribution to today’s Monday Window challenge.  I loved the way some of the filtered light was reflected on the wall in the first photo, so I didn’t crop it at first.  The second picture is a closer look at the first.  The last window I find a bit disturbing, as it appears to show souls burning in Hell.

Stained glass 1 aStained glass 1 bStained glass 2Stained glass 3