Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge: All Sorts of Signs

Signage 1 bwSignage 2 bwSaint Anne's bwThese photos are my entry for Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge: All Sorts of Signs.  There was nothing haphazard about my choice of photographs.  These three appear in a specific order.  So you see elements of a story?


Ragtag Daily Prompt: Aesthetics

Babies 2GarGar 2Babies 1

Queen Pirouette walked along the causeway holding a lantern.  In the early morning air, the mist that rose from the lake seemed to press against here like a living, breathing being.  She paused for a moment to adjust the placement of her foot inside her shoe.  She almost lost her balance.  Falling into themerging looking like a wet cat, was not part of the Queen’s aesthetic.  It would hardly have impressed the Captain of the Palace Guards, with whom Pirouette sought to rendez-vous.e water,