Ragtag Daily Prompt: Truth

Window 1La Princess Pirouette la Jeune looked with a mixture of awe and envy at her elder sister as she progressed down the center aisle of the cathedral. La Princesse Gargella, dressed entirely in white, held onto her father’s arm for support. She needed it. Her gown was heavy and required six women to carry her train. On her head, the bride wore a diamond tiara that held her veil in place. To Pirouette, she looked like an angel. 😇 Window 2The groom, though ten years Gargella’s senior, was still a fairly young man at the age of twenty eight. He looked dashing in his uniform. Upon arrival at Court, the King and Queen had knighted him and presented him with a lovely white sash to wear over his red coat. The tricornered hat on his head made Le duc look even taller than his six feet and three inches. In truth even the Queen had a lump in her throat when she looked upon the couple for the first time. How beautiful they were!Window 3Ragtag Daily Prompt, Truth

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