Ragtag Daily Prompt: Impeccable

Rough blur 1Because the King and Queen loved their eldest daughter so much that they couldn’t bear to be separated from her, they gifted her a castle on her wedding day. It was only a half day’s ride from Catapolis. There la princesse Gargella established her own little court with her husband Bertrand le duc. They were well matched. The large expanse of land that surrounded the castle allowed them to indulge in their favorite pastime, hunting.

From dawn to dusk, day after day, the sound of baying hounds and blaring horns could be heard across the green fields and into the forested lands of Castle Bon Temp. Gargella’s skills as a horsewoman were impeccable. She could jump fences with the best of them and race her steed, pressing her body close to its neck in order to reduce wind resistance. It wasn’t so much the hunt that Gargella loved as the joy of riding. Her favorite horse was a lovely gray mare that she had personally helped foal.

Rough blur 2


Rough blur 3


Rough blur 4

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